After 2 or 3 days, we reach Bern. It’s snowing, what else. We passed a night (and half an afternoon) in a Forest, it was so foggy, we didn’t know is it night yet, or still afternoon?

Luckily Switzerland is full of public fireplaces, where one sometimes even can find wood to burn, and (well, it’s officially not allowed, but…) you can sleep overnight since we have our tent with us, and sleeping bags.

The last night before we reach Bern, we got thoroughly wet and cold, and found shelter in a Public Swim Clubhouse 😛

Now we “relax” at my dad’s home, enjoy good food, and wait for the weather to become a bit more “friendly”. We proceed our hike along the River “Seine”, a beautiful place to visit if one day you happen to be around.

By now we also know how to shoulder our backpacks correctly, LOL. It’s not that easy, you see, to find the correct settings and adjust the straps, so they fit.


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