It’s early Morning; a light rain is falling. Winter is not yet done, but spring should come thru soon.

We shoulder our backpacks. We that is me and Jacqueline, my GirlFriend. We wave goodbye, to my mum, her dog and cats, and leave.

Direction West, first destination for this day is the top of the Glauben-B├╝hlen Pass. We, especially me, didn’t hike a lot previously. Not with a 12KG backpack and 10 degrees Air Temperature.

Not even 30 minutes later we stop at the last village before the ascension, eat a Kebab :D.

We eat a lot, during the coming hike to Spain. Not a lot in quantity, but many times, often. Not even 3 hours later, we stop again to cook us some soup. It’s getting colder, and it seems it’ll snow. We decide to make it up to the Passthru’s peak and spend an absurd amount of money in a “Natur Freunde’s Haus” (it’s kind of a basic minimal Hotel or Herberger).

Our muscles are atrophied, and it’s cold. After a meal and a shower, we sleep straight ’till the next morning. Our first day is over, and hey, we didn’t give up!


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