This Website’s purpose is mainly to be a Travel Blog. I describe shortly what the Undenk Projeqt is, and who I am, but the primary purpose of is a simple Travel Blog, along with perhaps a few Posts about ideas, thoughts, or whatever I feel like should be here.

All Visual Media on this website has been edited, revised and put together to galleries by my long term travel partner GM, whom I employed to help me keep this site alive. The idea was to create a visual experience where the visitor can not only follow the travel but also enjoy an optical compound of nature and humankind, without any direct relation to me as a person.

The Visual Media is organised in a searchable gallery, by Continent, Country, City or Area and Time as well as by “topics”.

All Media is free of Copyright; I just ask you to not sell or advertise them as your own. This is why a watermark (visible) has been added to the Media.

Enjoy it, share it and do what you want.