That’s something that grew in my mind over the time. The first time I thought of it, was when I registered this Website, in southern France, in 2012. A Yugoslavian Gipsy recommended me to document my travel, especially the hike from Switzerland to Spain, so I thought to set up a Travel Blog.

I won’t go into too much detail about the philosophy and ideas behind Undenk Project, if there are any, as this here should be a Travel Blog, and not a Public Manifesto.
If you want to know more details, I suggest you read the of Undenk Project

“Undenk” is a word that has been coined by George Orwell in his book “1984“. I have chosen it because for me it describes a way of thinking, and living, that is not always “mainstream”, and it sounds similar to the German term “Umdenken”, which means to “rethink”, or better, “change how you think”.

The reason I left my home, and with it, very much of its safety and comfort, was mainly a great wish to travel and “do what I want when I want”. My life in Switzerland was determined mostly by work, bills and other typical social “musts”. I always believed that this is overkill. We work and save for what, exactly? We cannot take the savings with us when we die. And we could die any day. Why should I run after something that I cannot be sure to have the time to enjoy one day when I could do what I want right here and now?

Undenk is a term that, for me, describes the way I try to live. It’s a project, but not a common one, that’s why I chose the grammatically incorrect form of “Projeqt”. Undenk Projeqt in the begin was just a “vision”. Nowadays, I am happy to say that I am not anymore the only one who’s (trying to) living this idea, and actively “builds” this idea.

The main idea is to do what I want, or, not to do what I do not want. To not loose time in silly daily society-driven actions, but to enjoy and explore this great playground we live in! I think Undenk Projeqt is different from the “typical” out steppers Projects, because I don’t think aggressive, or even passive attack to an existing System is a good idea. Instead, I believe that living an idea, and letting this idea growing as you live it, is the only way to exist in the way I want, without hurting someone else, or getting hurt by someone else.

Undenk means to look after oneself; it means to make your rules and to take responsibility for the consequences.

Undenk also means to find yourself, and discover what individual core elements of our kind mean to oneself.

It means not to complain about the adverse circumstances in a particular System, instead, show that it can be done differently, or if not, fail while trying and start fresh – change. If I don’t want a System to dictate me my life, I also need to accept the consequences, which can be not to be part of that system when I need its help. Undenk means to take the best from all “worlds” and mix them to a new way of living.

If I don’t want a System to dictate me my life, I also need to accept the consequences, which can be not to be part of that system when I need its help. Undenk means to take the best from all “worlds” and mix them to a new way of living. Undenk means to be open for new things, and accept other things that work fine.

It means to redefine your beliefs maybe, and never give up trying again. I believe, and experience, in an active force that covers us, if we do what our heart commands. As long we do what we feel we need to do, the path will be hard maybe, but also valuable.

Undenk Projeqt tries to find and define a new form of living, a unique kind: the one you want.

It does not require you to live by certain Rules or Dogmas. It just means, do what you want, and how you want. Don’t do things because a particular institution (be it governmental, social or even personal pride) dictates them. Take the best and leave the worst. Live and dream, live your dreams and imagine your life as if every day would be the last one.

Taking the best, and leaving the worst, also means to accept that the current Ruling System provides many great things. Ordinary “out steppers” always either criticise and neglect all aspects of an individual system and build on the absolute correctness of their new idea of how we should live. Then, they often will try to impose their new System over the rest of the World. I believe this is wrong.

I believe this is incorrect.

Undenk is actively influenced by Systemics, a form of viewing at our environments as a whole, which we are part of, and everything is connected. This allows me to work in IT, taking advantage of all the technologic achievements of the System I stepped partially out of, while simultaneously exploring things, that I cannot explore if I would be fully immersed in that System.

As an example, I also worked in tourism. Hence I took advantage of the possibility of this system that lets people travel. If this system did not exist, no tourists would have come to the hostels I worked in, resulting in me not having a salary to survive. This is just one example, of accepting what is, and try to “do the best” out of it.

I don’t pay insurances, but I will also not get a pension eventually with 65 years old, and I also have no rights to tell someone, it’s wrong to pay it.

If that person chooses to go that path, it’s fine; even if it will require a System that provides those securities. As long that is what the person wants, it’s fine. Undenk Projeqt means, do what you want, or don’t do what you don’t want.

Yeah, I just take advantage of the great things this system provides, right?
Well, I could say, I contribute to the system a lot.
The cities are my garden, and instead of growing veggies in it, I buy them. That keeps this system alive, too. I believe, nothing is here for nothing, and nothing is purely evil. Hence, I and the system can coexist, right?
I help you; you give me a hand.

I believe in the modern world of technology; we could very well all do what we want, to some extent. If we only would take responsibility and draw our life ourselves.

My personal form of the Projeqt is strongly influenced as well by the idea of Nomadism. I think sedentarism is somehow making us “lazy” and also greedy, unsatisfied and very fast it makes us fall in a daily routine. This is difficult to escape, and will let us wake up one day with the thought, “what have I done the last 50 years???”.

This is not a necessary aspect of the Projeqt; it’s just my vision of how I want to live my life, right now and the last few years.

This isn’t always possible, and it’s not everyone’s vision. There is nothing wrong with other ways.