Who I Am

This is something I still try to find out myself.

My name is Beda Schmid, but that is not such an important detail, right?

I am on Facebook, if that helps you to get an idea of who or what I am, I sometimes draw, take pictures… and what not everyone else does, I do it probably too.

Except, maybe, I am not living life the classic way. Actually, I think I can be arrogant enough to say, I am living a dream.

Born in Switzerland, I grew up in Italy, on a Farm run by my parents, where I completed primary and secondary school, and then went back to Switzerland to complete my education with an apprenticeship as Boatbuilder, specialised in Wooden Boats.
After that, I worked as Concrete Constructor, Gardener, Crane Driver, Bricklayer, Carpenter and other professions as employed worker.

Becoming tired of that “ordinary” life, and due to my interest in travelling (and several other things), I left Switzerland in 2012 with the idea to… well, I had not much of an idea.

I did not “want this” anymore, and wanted something else in my life. The main goal back then simply was, to reach Barcelona within nine months, to catch a cruise ship to Miami, for which I had bought a Ticket in advance. And, to not stand up at 6 AM so to work the next 9-12 hours, to pay some bills and taxes with the earned money.

Within a year I travelled across Europe on the Path of Santiago de Compostela, and then across the Ocean to the New World, where I used and improved my Language skills as well as my Handicraft knowledge to live and survive (yeah, money does not fall from trees). Mainly I worked in Hostels, or on Farms, or as Bartender.

At the verge of being completely broke (by then I lived in Argentina), I started to work for a Remote Company that produces several WordPress Plugins. Yeah, I became what they call a “Digital Nomad” nowadays. It was a huge turnaround in my life, as suddenly I had more than enough income, to move when and to where I wanted. And I can generate that income onTheGo!

I’m still on the road, sometimes slower, sometimes faster, and I’m still finding myself, and answers to whatever questions I have… I’m living my life, the best way possible.

I’m practically living “the dream”, so what?