About Anarchy

  • January 24, 2018

If there where no Government, no Police, no Taxes, we would have Anarchy! You’d see murders and atrocities, and we’d go back to Stone(d)Age!

Some Random Idiot, You have all heard them…

Anarchy, in what in German we call “Urgedanke” (original thought), has nothing to do with chaos and destruction, it is on the contrary
a well-organized society, where each individual has his own power of decision.

I speculate, we should enrich this idea with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčnomadism.

Living in cities is one of the biggest and brightest problems in the world.
A wandering humanity is incapable of destroying the world as we city people do.

Nomadism solves the problem of overpopulation (if there is any problem with that), war and garbage-producing societies by itself, because a nomadic society is unable to build hospitals and allow people to live longer than necessary, nomads are unable to build huge arms systems and garbage is a disease of consumer and capitalist oriented societies, not nomads.

Often, anarchy and nomadism are seen as a return to the Stone Age.
As we know, humans have lived for a long time in history as nomads in small anarchistic-organized “families.”
This worked well until humanity became hungry for more, hunger for power over nature, for power over itself, in a non-natural way.

We not only destroy ourselves, but also damage the entire nature considerably.

Anarchism is the only solution to shut down the stream of slavery, natural destruction and poisoning.

But anarchism and nomadism need a new input from daring and “good” people who set an example so that they can bring the true ideas of anarchist ideology and the sustainability of nomadic life closer to others.

In recent centuries, anarchism has been the scene of terrorist bombings, and in the last decade, bored people, mostly from the rich upper classes and some stoend idiots, have taken advantage of anarchy as a means for a hot party or just to let off steam on a demonstration.

Anarchism is a great ideology and should be understood and lived as such, brought closer to the society and demystified.

Anarchy means the absence of domination, not the absence of social order, for there is an adequate expression: Anomie.

Absence of domination (Anarchy) does not mean that there is no order (Anomie), no law enforces its power, but that no one can permanently misuse his power to find obedience to his commands with others.

At the same time, nomadism means the wandering of a group that you have and take with you on your hike, and secure your life bread through these hikes.

This avoids excessive cultivation of the soil by agriculture, and the lack of hoarded food, the sedentary will be impossible over the inhospitable seasons.
the rate of reproduction of the human species is also drastically reduced, but above all the survival rate of the human species is drastically reduced.
The lack of long-term food supplies diminishes the ability to wage war when war is viewed as a pro-profit action requiring a base and supply of food and killing tools.

Even the interest in a war for profit increase dissolves by itself, because there is no value to be hollowed out by the opponent, except people who can serve you only as slaves, if you can feed them, what without stocks not the case is.

The order of a society in anarchonomadism is strongly tied to the laws that govern life on earth.
This does not mean rules, but laws that can not be broken by anything or anyone, because they are given by the circumstances.
These laws do not need a ruling class, because they are self-appealing and performing.

Any determination that a guardian needs to exist and be noticed is not a law.

Any act against a law is not possible per se, because the law itself makes it impossible to act again: through its existence.