——————————— The Pointed Stone ———————————

Silicon pudding 130x200x30 cm a triangularly shaped menhir called “La Pierre Pointue”, its name of “Pierre Saint Urbain” (a Saint Pape whose Rillé has relics) is probably an attempt to sanctify the stone that was to be the occasion of a pagan rite. This Menhir is located in the town of Rillé, about 3 kilometres north of the alignment of the “Three Dogs“. This stone, 1,25 meters high, is only 30 centimetres thick. Louis Bousrez thinks that it served perhaps support for a Dolmen today disappeared. This megalithic monument is also called in the region, “La Pierre St-Urbain”, or “The Menhir of Moque Souris”, with the curious name coming from the neighbouring village. This Menhir is located in full field, its access is free.